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What is Colour Temperature in LED Lighting?

The colour temperature, or Kelvin temperature of LED lighting refers to the appearance of the light emitted from a light source. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1000K to 10000K, eg. Warm White 3000K to Daylight White 6000K.

Colour Temperature CCT Seven LED

Which Colour Temperature Should I Use?

The colour temperature used for an environment is usually down to personal preference, but there are suggested or most commonly used colour temperatures you can use as a guide.

The most commonly used colour temperatures in LED lighting are between 2000K and 6500K, and there is a big difference depending on which you choose. 

Warm White Colour Temperatures (2000K - 3000K) give a warm, cosy feeling to an environment, and tend to be used in living areas, bedrooms etc.

Cool White Colour Temperatures (4000K - 5000K) give a natural white light to an environment, often used in classrooms, offices etc.

Daylight White Colour Temperatures (5500K - 6500K) give a sharp white light to an environment, sometimes described as ‘almost blue’ in effect. Daylight white is often used in supermarkets, car showrooms, kitchens etc.

Are Some Colour Temperatures More Expensive?

No, or not usually. Very rarely is the colour temperature a factor in the price of an LED light.

The only reason a certain colour temperature would be more expensive than another, could be it is much less commonly used or needs to be custom made. I.e. a warm white factory light wouldn’t be more expensive to make than a cool white unit, but could be more expensive as it is not what would usually be kept in stock for factory lighting.

A Quick Summary

  • Colour Temperature is the appearance of the LED light, measured in degrees of kelvin.
  • Warm White (eg. 2700K) for warm cosy environments such as living areas
  • Cool White (eg. 4000K) for a natural white, often used in offices
  • Daylight White (eg. 6000K) for a sharp, crisp white, often favoured in factories, warehouses

Still Have Questions?

If you are still unsure of which Colour Temperature you want for your environment, or would just like to speak with us about it, feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.

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