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How Many LED Panels Do I Need for My Room?

LED Panels are the perfect option for many commercial applications, such as offices, classrooms, mezzanines, shops and more. Being so popular and widely used, and that they affect the lighting levels for many people, it is important to use the correct number of panels per room. 

Our easy to use table below, makes this process much easier, and gives a rough idea of how many panels will be needed based on the size of the room. For a more detailed answer to the question: “How Many Panels Do I Need For My Room”? Please get in touch and we can provide a professional Relux lighting design.

What are the Benefits of LED Panels?

As with all LED Lighting, LED Panels offer a host of benefits, including reducing energy usage, and therefore reducing carbon footprint and energy bills. Other benefits include a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting options such as CAT2 modular fittings.

Newer LED Panels also can be used to reduce glare emitted from lighting, UGR < 19 LED Panels can be used as part of a lighting design to provide a more comfortable environment, especially in offices where people are in front of a computer screen for long periods of time.

How Many Panels?

Of course, this is a guide to give an idea of how many panels you would need, and so we have to make some assumptions as to the room and panel used.

PanelsPerRoom Table

This table is based on the lights being installed at 2.4m in a 600x600 grid, and the panels we have used are 36W 3800 lumen 4000K LED Panels, resulting in roughly 500 lux being achieved. An example of the results in the Relux calculator is below.

example relux of office 8m x 8m

From the example above, 8m x 8m room, using 12 LED panels, we have achieved between 500 and 750 lux throughout the room.


Here at Seven LED, we offer a wide range of LED panels suitable for all environments. If you have any further questions around which panel you need or how many, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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