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How Many LED High Bays Do I Need for My Room?

LED High Bay Lights are the go to option for many commercial and industrial areas with ceilings over 5m, for example Warehouses, Factories, Garages, Distribution Centres and more.

As they are so widely used, and therefore affect the lighting quality and levels for so many people, it is important to get both the correct number of units for the area you are lighting.

Our easy to use table below, gives you an idea of the number of High Bays you may need, based on the example length, width and height of the area. 
Please note, that when lighting larger areas especially, the height which the lighting will be installed at, and the lumen output of the unit can influence the lux levels achieved greatly. To get an accurate answer, showing how many lights are needed, and which wattage, get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to arrange a custom lighting design.

What are the Benefits of LED High Bays?

As with all LED Lighting, LED High Bays offer a host of benefits, including reducing energy usage, and therefore reducing carbon footprint and energy bills. Other benefits include a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting options such as Metal Halide or SON fittings, with up to 60 or 70% savings in energy usage.

Some LED High Bays also have the option for motion or daylight sensors, which can further reduce energy usage by adapting to when they are used, and natural light levels in the environment (daylight harvesting)
More advanced models now have the option for a Plug-and-Play High Bay Sensor, which dramatically reduces installation times and therefore costs, and can even be added after the lights are installed. (We still advise they are only installed by a qualified electrician)

Getting the lighting level right in any environment is important for many reasons. In a factory or warehouse or garage, the right lighting levels can help improve productivity, health and safety, as well as the general mood and feel for the area and people who work within it. 

How Many High Bays?

Of course, this is a guide to give an idea of how many high bays you would need, and so we have to make some assumptions as to the area and which high bays are used.

table for how many high bays

From the example above, a 20m x 20m room, using 9 x 150W LED High Bays, we have achieved between 300 and 500 lux throughout the room. 
In this table, we have assumed the lights are being installed at 6m high, using a 150W UFO High Bay (22500 lumens / 150lm/w). The target lux level at the 0.75m reference plane is 300 lux, which covers the majority of the lighting levels required in most commercial and industrial buildings. An example Relux calculation we used to create the table is shown below.

Example Relux using LED High Bays


Here at Seven LED, we offer a wide range of LED High Bays suitable for all environments. If you have any further questions around which high bay you need or how many, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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